One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


The kids pestered us for so long that Mrs Raheny and I had to give in. We took them to the West Pier for a walk. 
It had been quite a while and they were really beginning to feel the withdrawal symptoms. 
They were totally bored of spending time on their tablets/phones/PlayBoxes and wanted nothing more than a good, bracing walk on the pier. 

Yeah roight... 

Mimi reluctantly read-walked three quarters of the length of the pier, then sat-read on a bench while we made it to the end. 
The boys bickered for 4.2 miles.
A granny gave Finn a filthy look for playing with a toy gun. 
I saw a dog with broken front paw being taken for a walk. 
None of us walked in a poo. 

A pretty uneventful Sunday afternoon outing. 

The way I like them. 

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