My blip-years

By Silverace


I took out the BMW R100s again yesterday and it behaved really well, as in: it didn’t surprise with any new things to mend. You can’t expect modern day performance, but I truly enjoyed the way it rode. This ride was the conclusion of the effort to get it from a bike that was in a shed for 8 years to a ‘reliable’ runner with all technical issues sorted, but no single minute spend in the optical side.

I have made the decision to keep it. I just feel I would regret selling it somewhere in the future. But it is just not good enough to restore to original/concours condition and that would also break the bank if done to my standards.

So I will take it apart completely and convert it. It will be lower, lighter and much much nicer to look at. The photo in the bottom is some inspiration to guide me in the correct direction for the next year, as I expect it to take at least that long whilst keeping my family and employers happy ;-)

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