By Pisky29

Old entrance, new Virgin!

Returning to a place - Virginia Court - I last entered on my 21st birthday, into what was the final carousing destination on a mystery pub crawl.

Organised by my girlfriend and other friends, I was given an envelope and instructed to open it as I was on a train approaching Glasgow. Inside it I found two envelopes...1) a first destination clue in rhyme form, and 2) an emergency ‘escape’ envelope should I not be able to work out where I was to go.

I deciphered the clue, and duly arrived at the first hostelry, and was met by a couple of friends who had another envelope, with similar contents for the next place to get to. And so it went on, with more friends greeting me at each subsequent howff, each of them buying me drinks. By pub no.6 I was reeling, and barely remember the last calling point, other than it was a bit of a riot!

It’s now a ‘boutique’ business centre and cafe, I may be behaving myself marginally better than last time I was in the vicinity though ;-)

(It was indeed a long, long time ago!)

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