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It all started ...........

  ............. as a normal day!   
Sunday 8 September 2019 - being recorded on Tuesday 10 September 2019 in my Blip journal.

As I had been in Scotland for a couple of days I went down to the local supermarket in the morning to replenish stocks.  Took a few random photos (see one above).

Fast forward to 4.30pm - Himself had a bit of a ''funny turn'' so had to call the ambulance as I had drunk a big glass of wine while cooking Sunday dinner and didn't want to risk driving.  Three firemen/medics rolled up 10 minutes later and did tests.  The ambulance arrived around six and whisked him off to hospital in Kings Lynn.

A few hours later, as I was coming down the stairs with some laundry, I missed my footing (nothing to do with the alcohol!) I tumbled down the rest of the way and crashed into the kitchen door frame and, I think, knocked myself out.  When I came to there was Whisper sitting looking at me ...... my head hurt and the pain in my shoulder was agonising.
I left the laundry on the floor, managed to get back up the stairs, took some painkillers and went to bed .......   episode two tomorrow!

~ Anni ~

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