stained glass...


i prayed

abba answered

i fully believe in the power of prayer - for all matters in life - from the very mundane - to the most significant imaginable - you name it - it can be prayed over

so when i arose this morning - i said to abba - that i desired to photograph a butterfly - i hadn’t seen any in our - little community garden - it’s late in the season now - time was getting short - and my heart would be full - if he could make it happen

i went down with my camera in hand - was out there for perhaps - 10 minutes when i saw fluttering - and not 1 but 2 butterflies - came into my field of vision - then landed on flowers - in front of me - i began to sweet talk them - and proceeded to spend - the next 30 minutes following - them from flower to flower - as they posed for me - my heart brimming with joy - my soul being fed - by a simple prayer answered - by a loving heavenly abba

never underestimate the power - of prayer and its effect on your life - there is always one who is - listening and watching over you - one who cares deeply for you - and is ready to make it...


happy day.....

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