Kiss of liberation

This morning after packing we went to see the Chateau of Nessay in St Briac.  There there was an exhibition of photos done by Tony Vaccaro .  This is one of his best known. Just behind the board with the reproduction of the kiss you may just about be able to make out some beach huts painted in different blues.  there are 111 different shadse of blue on these huts!  all thanks to the artist Christophe Cuzin.

Le Nessay is now a very good hotel.  We walked round it admiring the views and the posters of 24 of Vaccaro's photos. (first extra)

Then we went to have a look at the beach huts of the Plage de la Salinette.(second extra)  There was a long row of them all painted white and the first few raised with step ladders to get to them!  I really wish we had had more time to explore the area and the lovely coastline and beaches round there!

Lunch and they took me to the airport.  I was lucky enough to be on the right side to get some shots of the French coast.  the last extra shows St Malo a walled city with the church clearly visible in the center.  You can also see the two Islands that are accessible on foot at low tide: Le Grand Bé - with Chateaubriand's tomb and the Petit Bé with a fort, built by Vauban which I believe is now  an airbnb!  (from a different point of view at low tide   (Adam's Images by ajt)

Arrived home late having landed at East Midlands airport where Ro was waiting!

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