It was a good day today as regards socialising. This morning we went out for coffee (as usual) then after lunch I met Roz (rozwood1970) and Martin (aka Father Christmas) in The Windmill.

We had a good afternoon chatting and sampling the Green King Rudolph ale. It's been a little while since we've had one of our Saturday get-togethers, so we had a bit of catching up to catch up with.

I couldn't stay too late at The Windmill as Ann and I were off to an evening function (that sounds a bit posh doesn't it?). Our friend Jo's son, Ben, was to exchange vows with his Japanese wife Miyoshi, it was the ceremony for the English contingency who couldn't get over to Tokyo for the original wedding a month or so back.

It was a very good evening with Jo's husband James officiating over the vow taking, this was followed by food, speeches a slide show and disco.

I took lots of photos, as you can imagine, not ideal conditions, so difficult to pick a blip pic., but anyway here it is; I think this sums up the mood of the evening, the picture shows James and Jo dancing and Emily (CharlieGirl), Jo's daughter, also having a good time.

Apologies for the late arrival but it was a late night and I was tired when we arrived home.

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