Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Showing a leg!

A better day weather-wise at least ....... it's been dry & we've had some sunshine :-)

Saw this Red Admiral basking on the stones ....... when I put it up on the computer I noticed it was 'showing a leg' ..... couldn't resist blipping it .... hope you like it :-)

Not good news on the garage door ...... it is not possible to get new springs  ...... they no longer make that size! Big bummer! That means we've got to sort out getting a new door!

On top of that ...... apparently the garage is not a 'normal' size .... so we will probably end up having to have a door made to measure! Ouch!

On a different topic:

We had a call from Mum in the early hours ...... she was convinced that my sister was watching her through the crack of the door & was planning to 'do her in'! It took quite a while to calm her down!

Hearing Mum talking to us woke my sister & she came downstairs to see what the problem was ..... that didn't help a lot at that moment!

It all ended okay though with my sister making Mum a cup of tea ..... which we finally got her to accept ...... after we had convinced her it wasn't poisoned! I thought we might get some peace now Mum was no longer in the flat ..... but .......

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