By Terrifo


A murky start here this morning when Black Tulip and JJ came to pick me up, and then collected Suejay50 on route to Watersmeet. By the time we got there the mist had lifted and the sun was breaking through. We stopped on the bridge over the First stop was the cafe, for a coffee to get us started. Lots of birds, chaffinch, robin, blue tits busy getting their breakfast from the crumbs left by customers. 

Afterwards we spread out and I headed a bit further down the river (todays blip) then decided to get a bit closer by going down to a little beach area. Wrong decision! I was fine for the first couple of steps before I slipped and fell, tripod in one hand camera in the other!!! See the extra supplied by Suejay 50. Camera, tripod ok. Me, well one or two grazes and bruised knee. Just glad it was warm enough that the clothes I was wearing soon dried in the sun! And a bit of teasing from my three friends!!!

Concluded the afternoon in Lynmouth with tea and cake, and this evening, JJ visited a friend, while us three ladies went out for a meal at the local Nepalese restaurant, and very nice it was too :-)

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