Wendy's World

By Wendles56


I had a date with Gill for coffee at Cliffe Castle Cafe this morning so I decided to walk over the moor and down in to Keighley.  My route across the moor is very familiar but when I reached the main road I was trying to find a path to take me down through the woodland which I had last used many years ago.  I wasn't successful and had to retrace my steps back to the busy road and go down from there.  Thanks to Wilsden Walker I now know where I went wrong!

I stopped off at the toyshop to pick up a new jigsaw and then spent a very pleasant hour or so in Gill's company before she dropped me off in Bingley en route to her appointment.  It was too long till the next bus so I walked home through St Ives.  A quick lunch and then it was in to the scruffs to put a second coat on the bathroom.  I had promised myself fish and chips for tea but it wasn't open!  So a very late casserole was prepared only for me to cut in to my baked potato and discover something alien inside (agh horror!)  That went in the bin and I awarded myself a whole Tunnocks as consolation.

My blip is taken from the moor looking down on Keighley in the Aire Valley.

Day 5 and Tony has been trekking from Corvara to Utia Scotoni via a rock pinnacle which looked like the Italian Old Man of Sgorr!  Tonight the group is staying in a remote refuge high in the mountains with on site alpacas that apparently came out to greet them.

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