By TheOttawacker

First day of Grade One

The start of a new era of discovery.

Ottawacker Jr managed to leap out of bed with great enthusiasm and make it into school with a smile on his face. Only a day late (I had screwed up on the flights back from the west coast, so he got an extra day's holiday), and I was more worried than he was. What happens if all the kids have already formed cliques? What happens if he hates it? Worse, or better, it is French immersion, so he is going to be bombarded en français dès son arrivée...

But I needn't have worried. As Mrs Ottawacker and I stood there in the yard, hands behind our backs, anxiously watching him swing on the monkey bars (too much Cirque du Soleil, I think),  I realized he doesn't have any of my hang ups and insecurities, and that he is perhaps the most sociable kid I have ever seen.

How the frig did that happen?

Anyway, he had a fantastic first day, and his new teacher gave him a big hug and said "bienvenue", so there was nothing to worry about at all. And isn't that so often the case?

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