By TheOttawacker

Modern life is rubbish

So I finished off the translation today and sent it off. Had a brief snit with a proofer, called my bank manager a thief for overcharging me for a transaction (almost always pays to be a wanker where bank managers are concerned; nothing changes, but you get this most delightful sense of satisfaction). And then I came downstairs to find Abbot and Costello standing outside the house staring at their cell phones.

I mean, WTF is it with people and cell phones? I haven't got one myself, and prefer to wait 30 minutes than have the good people at Huawei know I am out shopping for frilly knickers at La Senza.

Why do we need to be contactable all the time? Not me. Under the radar (says he with a photo journal of his most intimate thoughts, his Facebook account, his Twitter page...) 

Most of all though, I actually like talking to people, especially my family (usually). These two stood there for 10 minutes without exchanging a word. And then, an incline of the head, a small gesture with a hand, and they started sharing screens. Not a word was spoken. 

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