By Tryfan46

Boat jumble

An early start for a 9.00am meeting near Euston Station in London. Trains and underground worked quite well and I was only 10 minutes late owing to red signals caused by a delayed stopping train in front of us.

The meeting was over by 12.00 enabling me to be home for lunch by 1.30. No holdups on the way back!

We'd already decided to go to Whitstable this afternoon for a favourite walk along the seafront from Seasalter via downtown Whitstable to Tankerton and back. Lots of boat jumble on the first section of the walk, some of which has been here for decades. No idea who they may belong to.

We were in time for a cup of tea at the turn around point by Tankerton Yacht Club and for a refreshing pint at the Old Neptune on the way back. It was a glorious late summer's evening. Crystal clear light, bright sun and a sharp horizon. We came home with spirits soaring. Lots of people were drinking other sorts of spirits and wine and beer and so on at the pub along with platefuls of food. London by the sea was filling up nicely with weekenders down from the Smoke.

I mentioned a blip meet in the Lakes during the week commencing Saturday 21st September. I've had a few replies. Can I suggest either Tuesday 24th or Wednesday 25th September? If you're able to come could you reply on the Blip Meet calendar?

Final questions; where and what time? Answers please on a postcard..... or on the calendar.... 

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