The Interloper: "Get Off My Deck!"

There is a little gray kitty (LGK) who sometimes comes to visit. His name is Stryker and he likes to hang out with my husband in the yard and on the porch. He began visiting us last fall and through the winter. Then early this year, he disappeared. After several months' hiatus, he returned just a few weeks ago.

Stryker is charming and lovely to look at, but he is not always the best of guests. He has been caught chasing my husband's favorite rabbit (for the record, the bun easily outpaced him), and one time he killed a bird. No, those things did not endear him to us, but after all, he is a CAT, and cats are true carnivores; it is his nature.

On this day, Stryker came up on the deck and looked in the windows. I think he was probably looking for my husband, asking for him to come out and play (which he eventually did). There is a game that involves a string and an old glove that is a favorite.

Dexter is NOT a fan of Stryker, and he gets very agitated when he sees Stryker outside. Dexter was sitting by the deck doors and there was quite a kerfuffle when Stryker turned up. Dexter jumped from box to box and charged the window. You've heard of "Get off my lawn!" Well, this was more like "Get off my deck!"

The soundtrack is a Billy Joel classic, The Stranger.

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