The Pensioner

By Pensioner


Out to meet Auntie SheShe who we found in the Scottish section of Waterstone’s. I trust she realises she’s allowed in other areas too. Along to Indigo Yard for a very chatty lunch and then we left her to go and see Bridget Riley’s exhibition which is a bit dull, and then the Cindy Sherman photos at Stills which is very small indeed. Home via the Barony which shockingly sells beer at £4.90 a pint. I mean, it’s just a boozer.
And what fun thereafter as the Guardian has been doing its top 100 films this century. I passed as I’ve seen 59 of them (that’s how it works, right?) so we set about investigating the rest - six look worth a look including Syndoche in there at #7. However it’s pronounced.
So tonight, Far from Heaven: PB stated in 2003, “We all came out stunned by what we'd just seen, instantly and correctly hailed as a capo lavoro, a masterpiece.”
A capo lavoro, eh? It was certainly all right.

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