The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske

Castle Rock...

We had a nice bike ride ... I fell with my bike, hurt my ego  arm and leg ... so now I'm black and blue... 

"Tongelaar" means an open space (cut down in primeval forest) on a "tongue" (land increase). During an excavation at the castle, the foundations of a fortified house were found in the meadow near the tower, within the canals. This little meadow is called the "Moth".
Even before, as early as the ninth century, there was a fortified moth castle in the vast, river-rich forests of Tongelaar. A moth castle is a castle made of wood on a high earthen hill, built to take cover against the Normans. Shortly after Charlemagne's death, the Norman invasion began. These Vikings regularly went on a raid through the Maas region

Castle Tongelaar

I'm a very poor blipper at the moment... my apologies for that! We are busy celebrating our vacation time... But many thanks for all your kind and lovely comments and stars for my yesterday’s blip! Xxx

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