Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

Vampire Walk

No, not that vampire, this is an aeroplane that crashed in the Western Beacons in October 1953, sadly the pilot P/Off John Baldock was killed.  He was on a training flight from R.A.F. Pembrey with another Vampire, he descended through cloud without getting a fix on his position or requesting a radar controlled let down, and struck the western slope of Fan Hir.  The other Vampire pulled up to avoid the terrain, but hadn't seen his leader go down.  It makes you think when you visit one of these crash sites, of which there are 52 across the Brecon Beacons.

To get to the site you have to climb past the lake of Llyn y Fan Fawr.  Sadly we didn't see the Lady of the Lake today.  She was a beautiful young lady who arose from the lake and married a young man on the condition that he wouldn't hit her three times.  Sadly, though they were very happy, but he did hit her three times and she had to return to the lake.

It was a fantastic day out the Western Beacons, very peaceful, with great weather, stunning views and great company with my friend Rachel.  We talk a lot when we're out walking.  Lol!

And the best walks always end in a pub and the Gwyn Arms is a great Welsh pub, who do a blooming marvellous curry and chips, which I think was well earned.

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