Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Sunrise over the Gallop Track

Looks to be a beautiful weekend, so I diverted to Cannock Chase before the supermarket this morning.  I was hopeful of some mist, but it stayed in the low lying areas, whereas the Chase is like a high dome above the surrounding countryside.

I just meandered around with no great plan, but came across this track which I recognised as one that L uses with her friends when out riding.  It comes up from Sherbrook Valley, possibly half a mile from the bottom to the top and is a great place for them to let the horses have free rein to gallop up the hill.

L rode later, in a different part of the Chase, doing just this only for her mount to spook and eject her out sideways off the saddle, but luckily into the soft(er) grass.  She's stiff and sore, but happily no worse for her fall.

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