Life with Alice

By elirin

Advanced Nosework

Oh I just HAVE to tell you what I’ve done today, even if there isn’t a great picture. We had a very special nosework lesson, and we were ok enough to attend! You’ll never ever guess where it was! In pet shop!! Full of Saturday shoppers! And heaps of distractions! And our job was to focus on finding a tiny piece of cotton scented with eucalyptus. Hidden in things like a cat climbing tree. Or a backpack. Or under a shelf. For a treat. Eleven times!!

We were six. The Lab Enzo is the star and finds everything asap. But I sort of tied in second place because I also found everything, just this one thing was very high up and mum had to give me a hint. I got lots of praise. And treats. And I earned us a check of 100kr for participating. For treats!

Our homework was working on the nose target. There is one more lesson. We had fun!! We love nosework!

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