By strawhouse

Daisy Duke

Busy day today after last week's laziness!
The Little Misses had a hairdresser's appointment first thing. Not before time - it's been months and they've been looking like scarecrows!!
Miss E was quite brave - for her - and went for a couple of inches off. She wants it to be easier to manage for secondary school. 
It actually didn't look that much different and when she was quite quiet in the car I asked did she wish she'd had more off and she said yes. So I've made another appointment for her a couple of days before she goes back to school.
From the hairdressers we went to H&M because it would appear the Little Misses have hardly any clothes! You don't notice when they're at school because they only need a few for the weekend but with seven long weeks stretching ahead they definitely need a few more.
Also I'm trying to be organised about our cruise next month and not let it sneak up on my like holidays normally do. I got them a few dresses today and am watching a whole load of stuff on eBay for them and me. 
As usual, clothes shopping drove me to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Miss E was very sweet and said perhaps I should eat something as I was getting a bit hangry!!!!
I felt better once we'd left the shop and gone to the arcade in Xscape. They played on machines and I got a lovely big cup of tea from Starbucks.
Then it was home for dinner and to collapse on the sofa.
Day one of the proper holidays done. Only seven million more to go!!

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