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More than one string......

Noticed this in a shop today. I thought it was beautiful use of the wood. It was full cello sized - not sure it would play very well though.
Had a quiet morning as it was too cold to swim today, well it was 26' but it was cloudy. Stayed around the hotel doing not very much and reading my kindle. This afternoon we went on a guided visit of Old Nessebar, the oldest town in this part of the world . It's full of traditional stone and timber buildings and a UNESCO world heritage site. It's about the same size as the Vatican City but has more churches apparently, the oldest dating from the 6th century. We also tried the local wine from the only winery in the area and very nice it was too. We declined the local raki type spirit which is 40' proof and home distilled versions are apparently up to 50'!!!
There is a pattern emerging to the local weather of warmer style mornings, windy cooler afternoon and late evenings then warmer late evenings. Makes it tricky to plan one's dress for the day.
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