By Stella2

Sunrise and moonset

I decided to see if I could get up early enough to catch a sunrise on the local beach.  It was fairly chilly as I parked up in the carpark, several people were getting changed into wetsuits and some fishermen were starting to set up.  Unfortunately there was a rather heavy bank of cloud around although some of the sky had a pink glow to it.  Turning my back on the rising sun which was beginning to show with very strong orange colours I noticed the moon which was beginning to set and decided to make this my blip.

It turned into a very sunny day, a perfect September day and I met up with some friends to go round the open studios in Topsham.  We visited the four that were open today, all so very different from each other and each with some lovely items.  This was followed off with a picnic so a great day out.

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