By Bella888

Mono with red (and blue & yellow)

In the morning started sorting through the wardrobe in preparation for exchanging winter for summer clothes (& then charity shopping as many as poss). Still a few more warm days to come.

Met Mr B at Coffee Lab. Then bus to station to get a day return ticket for Weymouth in a couple of days. Me and a pal, Mr B is spared.

Walked home. Had turned very humid (for me anyway). My feet were hot and aching.

Instead of my plan to blip the broken glass at the nearby bus shelter (weekend revellers probably), we came back via the Overcliff. So in blip desperation snapped some car headlamps which were kind of sparkly.

Have overlaid 3 images. And left the flash of red (sorry) so MM with red.

Thanks to nickimags888 for today’s Mono Monday ‘Sparkle’ challenge.

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