Not that warm to be honest!

I have to go and eat my tea. More later!

Right, I've set the table and made the salad (red peppers, cucumber and red cabbage, salty olives, fresh basil, balsamic vinegar and olive and seasoning) and Keith is making the fresh pasta. That gives me three minutes before lift off!

I am still tired as the northern Scandinavian light woke me up at four thirty this morning and the snuffling husband kept me awake, well a bit of snoozing might have happened but I was up doing the washing by half seven.Yesterday evening we hung the first lot in the cellar and this morning it was all dry. In Italy the heat does the job, in Sweden the dry air does it.

Went off to my board meeting and enjoyed the discussions and decisions about the Science Centre. It's a really good place for kids in particular, and a fine resource for our little town - and we are in profit after years of wobbly finances! Anyhow, I did some food shopping and by the time I got home I was really cold. Keith was cutting the straggly grass looking anything but cold! We lit the stove and I sat in front of it till I was warm again. A beautiful sight, and a wonderful feeling - all that gorgeous warmth zonking towards me. (I didn't say that 2 days ago in Lucca, now did I?! Fickle creature!)

The book I mentioned yesterday, Unsheltered, has to be read again I think. So many issues that are dear to me were raised in the various stories, two intertwined family fates separated by more than a century. She is a very intelligent writer who does a lot of proper research before writing. I'm certain her books reward further study, they are beautifully crafted. I am in awe of the brains, the care and attention to detail, and the imagination to construct such absorbing writing. The majority of the framework in the older of the two family tales, is historically correct - even more astonishing!

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