By mambo

Ear Ear

Hospital again today, this time for Mr P’s original illness.
Still feeling a bit grotty with my cold and made a conscious decision to sit apart from all the other patients in the waiting room as l am aware they have the same damaged immune system as Mr P.
Saw our favourite consultant and discussed a few things.
Another bone marrow biopsy will be booked in.
Something about hospital appointments that absolutely drain all the energy out of you so we have both been fit for nothing since.
Made the mistake of going to pick up our two oldest granddaughters from school to do the usual ballet run, oops we now take them on Tuesday :-))
Think they still appreciated a lift.

Then to look for something sparkly...not easy.
Finally dug out some Art Deco earnings and after failing to photograph the pair resorted to doing the one, still not happy with it but l’ve lost the will to try anymore.
Early night for me.

Thank you Nickymags888 for hosting Mono Monday.

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