By Number147

Gravel Garden

We are both on holiday for the next two weeks!

I did not wake up til 8am (the last few mornings I have been woken by Canada geese flying over the valley behind the house - noisy creatures)

After breakfast I stripped Henry's bed and tidied his room. Then I planted 100+ bulbs (mostly the Alium family) and I gardened.

By 3pm I was pooped and so had an unexpected doze on the sofa.

Clive is cooking dinner (sweet potato curry) and then we shall watch The Confession. Henry went to school with one of DSI Steve Fulcher's girls and as the story is fairly local, there is an added interest. I recall the suicide of Ray Hayward and a woman I vaguely know popped up as an extra in last week's episode.

My new gravel garden is looking splendid. 

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