Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

Birthday cake

Headed over for a Cani-sport run this morning now the temperature has dropped. Good to be back out there but Kilda wasn’t really up for it, she just ran by my side for most of it. Came back and decided to head over to Loch Tay to meet up with CB. The weather started to turn the closer we got. Wasn’t quite as bad as we expected but it was still windy and drizzly. The other B’s arrive not too long after us and we spent the afternoon pitching tents and listening to the cricket in the rain. It was MB’s birthday yesterday and he came over in the evening to join us. CB had made him a great chocolate cake with smarties pouring out of the packet. EB was helping to put the cake together by deciding there were too many chocolate fingers on the outside and removed a few. Once the kids were put to bed, we spent the night catching up in the awning hiding from the rain and wind.

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