On the road...

By johnsmiley1321

Fat and Happy Junco

An easy day at work tossing around about 7,500 pounds along with getting off at a reasonable time. Drove the 45 miles from work to go see my dad.. He was nearly in a fetal position trying to get some comfort for his continuing headache..  his voice was real low.. he was very happy to see me..

He is tired of being tired, he asked if we could go out to dinner, to ask the doctor for a higher pain medication (nothing has worked on his headache and some really powerful stuff was tried - this is also common with Lewy Bodies), he asked.....

For those who are going through something like this and those that will.. Fight for the big things and let the little things go.. My dad had just one blanket on and was super cold when I got there.. The first thing I did was add two more blankets and closed the window.  He was finally warm.. This is one of the few things we keep fight over - nobody should be cold or to hot...  The positives at this place - the sing with him, have fought doctors multiple times for things like a proper bed and..   I promised him a slice of pizza next Sunday... it will all depend on how is doing that day if he will be able to eat it..

On my way home I stopped and took a walk at a park near where my dad is.. I saw three Juncos, two Stellar Jays and two squirrels.. Got home and mowed the dandelion forest and few other little things.. Early bedtime as I have a 500 mile run tomorrow..  I'll try and catch up when I can..

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