By trisharooni


Snow is not unheard of at odd times of the year, but this wasn't predicted.
When I woke up It was so still that I knew at once it had snowed and
got up early, as I suspected it would melt.
I walked around for about an hour and was soaked to the bone by the time I returned home.
Some of the best shots are smudged as it was raining, so I exaggerated that effect in the second extra, of the Blackheath Oval.

I've been holding off blipping, as I knew it was my 7th year milestone and wanted to get something more to my liking when I go to Sydney at the end of  the week, but in the end I just want it gone.
Waiting for the stonker photo is not a good idea:))

I've actually been here for nearly nine years, but have not been a diligent blipper.
Still, it suits me.
I'm grateful for Blip, more so as time passes, and for the Fab Four for rescuing it.
Thank you!!

Thank you, too, to fellow blippers who hang round and offer support, friendship and inspiration.
You are very much appreciated

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