'n Kiekie 'n Dag

By Sanri

Mini Pumpkin

served with pap & sous.

Left the office for lunch at Mizu at 12:00 for the removal fairies to move our stuff to the new office. 

I left at about 13:30 to try - unsuccessfully - to spent a M&S voucher and two Love to Shop vouchers. C will have to spent the M&S voucher on work trousers &/or shirts (or wine) & I'll have to have another attempt to spend the other two.

On my way back I met B, E & G at the Arcade Tavern, on their second bottle of prosecco. I joined them for one glass. Then it was to late to go home as I had to go back into town to fetch C at 17:00. We had another bottle  and waited for C to join us and take everyone safely home after one katembe.

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