By GracieG

It's (Nearly) Finished!

Just in time for Autumn, I hear you say!  Yes, a shame it's not the beginning of summer, but we'll look forward to enjoying this lovely space from next spring.
Its' taken 3 months work which included lots of sanding, 5 coats of interior white paint, and M to build a wide shelf/storage area on which to display our collected seaside bits and bobs.  but our Summerhouse is almost finished.  All that remains is for me to finish the seat and back cushions for the chairs, which I'm making covers for in a cheerful red, white and blue nautical fabric.
We've had a few lunches and evening drinks out here already and it really is a lovely spot to sit...and right opposite the bird feeding station too, so we can enjoy watching our feathered friends!
See extras also.
This is what it was like before:

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