The field across the road and river in front of the house was cut, at last, this week. The straw bales are still there but once they go the cattle will be turned out for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile the deer are free to roam. I know they're a nuisance to the farmer but who doesn't love Bambi.

It's not a particularly good blip in a technical sense but honestly the railway station is about five minutes' walk from here. We are so lucky to have the rural side by side with the urban. So the deer it is today just because it's there.

I was tired after yesterday but I didn't sleep very well. Cameraman was up early and off to get a train for his long journey to Ashford. I'm home alone for a week or so. Tonight it's a meeting for all Community Councils in Stirling in the Council HQ and before that I'm pulling on the gardening gloves to make the most of the lovely autumn weather.

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