By HeidiHH


It's been quite a day.

In the morning I left to Clot to do my interval training. As I was out of Clot already I got stranded to the water.
- I was too tired to go all the way back (over 5km)
- access to the bird ponds was underwater which was my first choice for return as I've never seen that bit be under water

So I got out of the Clot and started to head home the way I usually enter the Clot. I knew it would be muddy, but I hung on the junipers on the side trying to keep my shoes on the very side where the mud wasn't that deep nor wet. I got over to the other side (about 20 meters) and went around the corner only to find out there was a pool of brown water and no way around it. So I hung to the junipers back and started to head to the highway. Then I walked on the roadside (cars passing at 80km/ hour).  Luckily there was a metal railing and I was able to walk on the bushy side of that. I only had to go on the asphalt 3 times when there was tunnel for water. That route extended my walk (at that point I couldn't do intervals anymore just tried to get home safe) about an 1km, which would not be bad if I hadn't exhausted myself first running and then hanging on to junipers while crossing a mud obstacle. The whole area next to the highway was underwater. Amazing. No wonder I wasn't able to get though.

After lunch we took a walk to Elche dam (picture). It wasn't more than 1km / direction. But it was so hot. The dam in a valley and the air just sits there. No breeze whatsoever.

On our way back home I started to nausea. I thought it was because I was in the backseat with the dogs and it was quite a bumpy serpentine road. But shortly after we were home my stomach started to make thunder like noises and now I can only wonder if I have food poisoning (I had bit different lunch than others) or stomach disease. I guess we'll soon find out if other get this too.

My plan was to go have a swim after the dam walk, but no way. I've been shivering under blanket and suffering terrible cramps and other unspeakable stuff. The water was calm and at 25°C. Tomorrow it's going to be wavy again :-(

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