David J. Rose

By djrose007

"And I Would Walk 500 Miles"!

Didn't quite make 500 miles today but did a fair few.
Ruby was dropped off this morning about 07:15  and after we'd all had breakfast I decided to take Jonty and Ruby for a walk. Got the pram out and set off around the back to the park, Ruby loves the swings. We walked for about 20 minutes before I remembered I was supposed to take the Hyundai in for a service this morning!
Walked back home, got a baby seat out of the garage, put it in the car and took them both (Jonty and Ruby) to the garage.
After handing the car over we walked back home which is about 40 minutes brisk walking, which Jonty was not happy about as he did not get time to sniff around anywhere.
Did some playing and then early afternoon I took them out for another walk for an hour. Was home for about 1/4 of an hour and got a message that the car was ready to be picked up so another 40 minutes walk to the garage, sans Jonty as he sneaked into Marlanes room, I think he'd had enough.
Drove home and about 3/4 of an hour later Johanna arrived back from work and spent a little time with us before taking Ruby home.
I'd better have lost at least a couple of pounds in the morning after all of that!

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