By Swann6

Tree life

We went to the charming town of Cirencester today to meet up with my sis and bro-in-law who are holidaying in the Cotswolds. The buildings and abbey are beautiful and I took some nice pics (a few in extras) but what made the most impact was tree restoration at the park, which is in the Bathurst Estate. The 200 year old Horse Chestnuts (92 of them) are reaching the end of their life and starting to become brittle and shed or fall. They are being felled (we watched two come down today, enormous trees) and then new trees (small leaved Lime trees) will be planted. It's a HUGE project. Hubby decided to sunbath on a bench while we others enjoyed a walk along the very long 'Broad Avenue' and collected conkers. I like the picture because of the sheer size of the Fir tree behind him - this is not one of the threatened trees. What a beautiful park and a real 'stop and think about the trees and the lives they've lived and observed' experience.

Thank you for all the nice comments past days, and I was so thrilled to get a heart for my sparkly Mono Monday! That's a first for me.

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