Here and Now

By Mole

Tribute to Public Service

Our post office is a small building, but in twenty years I never explored the un-busy end until today.  The brass plate used to be on the outside of the building, until someone drove through the front last month.  It's a shame this wood carving isn't more prominently displayed.  There was attribution to the artist.  That doesn't seem right.  I may do some digging...

My morning started off at the newish historical society (in a renovated old mansion) where our journaling class now meets for a series on Creative Aging.  It's a much better venue than the retirement complex in a myriad of ways...  Lots of good light.  Room to spread out.  No one screaming the news to the elderly sleeping in wheel chairs.  Clean bathrooms.  Free coffee.  The important stuff.

Have a happy Friday and thanks for visiting. :)

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