By Number147

St Nectans Glen and Waterfalls

Another early start!

This time to St Nectans Glen and waterfalls. It is a hike to get from the carpark. Easy for us but we saw many people struggling along.

We had the waterfall to ourselves for about 15 minutes. It was magical!

Next on our agenda was Port Isaac but we could not park. It was heaving with people. Poor residents! We decided not to stop and went to Polzeath instead.

Dad was a Dr Martin fan and we took him to Port Isaac just after Mum died in 2009. Extra is Dad outside Doc Martin's surgery. He was so knowledgable about the drama that a crowd gathered around him, thinking he was a tour guide. Lucy dragged him away!

Second extra is Polzeath Beach.

All this climbing up coastlines and enjoying the weather has made my face very tanned. Should have worn sunblock.

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