simple moments

By simplemoments


for flowerfriday

when it comes to making choices - how do you do? - can you do it quickly? - are you decisive - pick it and be done - or are you one of those - who needs to make a list - of pros and cons - you hem and haw - go back and forth - and just when you think you - have it all figured out - nope, you need to - rehash it out again - just in case

for me, it’s situational - i find with some things - i can make very easy decisions - bing, bang and i’m done - yet with other things - i can be very cautious - take my time - in no rush at all

after the flooding - i was forced into a situation - of having to make very quick - decisions which would have - far reaching impact, not something - i was designed to doing - i was fortunate to have people - surrounding me to assist - in that process who had my back - hopefully everyone has that - kind of support in their lives - to make transitions easier - the added benefit also equals having...


happy day.....

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