South Coast Scribblings

By SueSouth

Interesting old church

We decided to have a look around the old part of Yapton village today and went into this lovely old church. It’s most interesting and the porch largely dates from the 1420’s. Inside the church, old timber framing still exists and it is a mostly unspoilt medieval church. I have put some photos in extras, which include an old round Norman window and a view of the outside which attempts to show the lean of the bell tower. This had to be reinforced twice over the centuries to stop it falling over. You can see the distortion caused to the window in the bell tower. Inside the church there is a definite lean on the right hand side as you look towards the front. Along this side there is old timber framing as well as the old Norman windows. It was one of the most fascinating churches I have ever seen.

Afterwards we had a walk along the lane which is lined with old cottages and houses. Although I visit the main street of Yapton quite often to visit the Co-op shop etc I had no idea all this lovely old area is tucked away behind it. (Hubby and son had discovered it before they gave me a tour of it today).

This afternoon, hubby was back to decorating. All the walls are done now and some undercoat put on the wood and radiators, so not too long until it’s finished and the curtains can go back up. It’s surprising how cold it feels without them, particularly in the evenings. I spent a couple of hours finishing off some crochet flower brooches ready for a church fundraising sale at harvest.

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