By Hotmandarins

Bunratty Castle

Today we opted for the drive to Bunratty Castle and Folk Park.  This is a Beamish-like museum set in the 19th century based around a preserved castle tower.  (First and second extra)

We had a lovely day there, then drove to Spanish Point late afternoon.  This was named because it's where the Spanish Armada ships were wrecked.  The local lord made sure to kill anyone who made it to shore, there were no prisoners!

As we arrived a photographer was taking a wedding party out on the beach.  He had the bride and five bridesmaids out on the rocks in quite a strong wind - we think he probably got some great photos.  The rocks can be seen in the third extra.

After stopping at a couple of other viewpoints (fourth extra) before arriving in Lahinch.  We bought some fish and chips in a take away that was complete chaos - the person after us got served before us, they forgot to cook our fish, and then got our order wrong - we wanted two fish and one chips, they'd put it into the till as one fish and two chips.  The order was sorted out and we'd almost left before they called us back to pay the difference in price!

We sat on the sea front eating our fish and chips, watching the surfers and the sunset before returning to the cottage.

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