By DonnaWanna

Sweet Saturday Strawberry Flower

Had a marvelous day with J today. We got up early and went to McDonalds Cafe for breakfast (his choice) and then headed into town for morning tea (his choice, I could have easily skipped this:).

Then it was off to Badlands Bar for his concert which was really fantastic and although his band’s drummer didnt turn up there was no shortage of drummers who could step in so it all went perfectly! I video’d the whole performance with his iPad and iPhone and my iPhone as well, what a delicate balance that was!! LoL!!! Couldnt manage getting my camera out of the bag as I might have upset the whole applecart doing that!!

After that we headed back into the city for lunch at Yagan Square and then enjoyed a long afternoon of wandering and clocking up the grand total of 15,000 steps, whew no wonder my feet hurt!!

Everywhere we went there were beautiful flowers blooming and I ended up with about 100 flower shots, it was a feast for the eyes. The main shot is a strawberry flower which is breathtakingly beautiful and not something you take notice of very often!!

In extras are a small selection of the day. The first is a lovely blue cornflower with an accompanying borage flower, so beautiful together! A stunning dahlia with a bee passenger and a just ripening spiky echinacea flower.

I’m so tired I’m falling asleep as I type and jerking awake aargh, must go to bed!! Roll on Sunday ahhhhh!!!

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