By scribbler

Remembering the Twin Towers

“Remembering the Twin Towers at Multnomah Falls”

The way the water pours 
over the narrow lip of the falls
hesitates at a high rock
hurtles down like heavy smoke
making a moiré tracery
of little ribbons in the air

the way it rushes
irrevocably committed
in generosity of rivulets like lace
embroidering cathedrals over lower rocks

the way the water separates itself
and gathers itself
misting pouring splashing

the way it pools
regroups with broader force
revives its riverness
bounding down the green hillside
in the deep morning shade

the way it ripples
over pebble-strewn shallows
obediently feeding the fingerling fish

the way this living water
gives itself without reserve
recalls to mind that other leaping
from great height
joining and separating
flying so long
we prayed they needn’t ever land

the way they found themselves
saints blessed and revived
sun-dappled in a peaceful stream
even though our tears still trace down our faces
like little ribbons.


I wrote this poem in 2005. It seems like yesterday.

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