By HeidiHH


This is what we call Amadeus' tv.

He likes to sit on the ledge of the window. The stairs are in front of the window so the dogs are able to watch outside life and jump down if they want to. Buddha is the only one jumping down and Nelson is the only one who doesn't go on the ledge. Mostly it's Amadeus who hangs around there.

Today is the day when the sea took my prescription sunglasses. Some of the waves were at least 2,5m tall. And one broke just before me and took me for a volt underneath the sea and then came another one right after that one. So I was just glad to get up to get some air. And few moments later I noticed I didn't have my glasses anymore. Luckily they were old ones that I could not see so well with anymore. But now I have to find even older pair to use when swimming. I'm definitely not using my best ones. The salty water makes them age so fast. I do have a pair of swimming goggles as well, but then the sun will be shining too bright on my eyes.

I've done a bit of sewing today. I finished my birthday present to my dad. It's two items and Niklas will take it back with him.

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