Making a Bee Line

Saturday off work and the sun was out with lovely blue sky so a perfect morning to go search out a blip. Having walked around in search of a blip and taken a few shots I headed down the hill towards the city centre when I spotted a dragonfly and also a large moth possibly some type of hawk moth flying around some wild flowers they both disappeared. I hung around a bit when I spotted a comma butterfly enjoying the sun. It was a bit of a way off and due to a garden wall I couldn't get any closer. I decided to put my big lens on to get some closer shots see extras.It then flew very close to me and due to having my big lens on I had to step back to focus on it. As I did a bee came in to the same flower causing it to fly off so I only got this one lucky shot with the bee dive bombing it not the clearest but it had to be my blip for the day.
This afternoon I picked Julie up who is now at work so home alone to watch a film and then a few beers when Julie gets home from work.
Not the best of weather forecast for tomorrow so I hope you all made the most of it today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend 

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