Pumpkin time

This very large chap is growing in my daughter Samantha’s garden. She thinks it planted its self last year when the boys were cutting faces into their pumpkins as she never planted it. It’s tendrils go all the way down the garden but only the one pumpkin grew.
Whilst there in Clacton-on-Sea I had a phone call with fantastic NEWS ~~~~~~~I am to bee able to look after some BEES,
I am to collect them next week.
All my hard work rewarded. I will give them my best attention. I feel like a dog with ten tails. I thought as bee season is almost over a lot of bees die off as winter approaches all the drones ( boys) die as they are of no use anymore, they get fed by the workers(girls) while they are of use ie mating. So you might see a lot of dead or dying bees. But this is normal for them.
I have had to back blip. This past week do give me a look. Happy weekend my blippers.

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