Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Bridge

Walked over this bridge on Lake Union for perhaps the last time as it will be closed on Monday (for 2 years!!) to be rebuilt.   It’s our main thoroughfare to South Lake Union and downtown which will now switch to a not so great detour.   Big sigh!     The beautiful Seattle City Light steam plant here was built in 1914 to generate steam power (water from Volunteer park reservoir) and used at least sporatically til 1979 when it was cited for smoke pollution from those smokestacks.  A biotech company, Zymogenetics, bought it in 2010 but will now move on and The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (just down the street) will lease it and move in this fall to world class lab space.  I just noticed that those smokestacks have just been repainted.   :-)  
You can see the truck and bikes on the 4 lane road on the bridge and the lower floating sidewalk where we walk.   I liked the yellow spill barrier set up.     Extra from the other side of our walking route.
I think it will be a very long 2 years!

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