By Ronniebofa

Weight loss journey - Progress Report 22092019

Starting weight (25 May 2018 = 273lb)
Today’s weight = 176.4lb
Average weight last week = 178.0lb
Average weight this week = 177.6lb
Weight loss this week = 0.4lb
Note: I weigh every day first thing and calculate weight loss based on average weight for the week.

It’s amazing how attitude changes during your weight loss journey as time progresses: at the start of my journey I would have regarded a weight loss of a pound or less, in a week, as a total failure- now I regard it as a major achievement. So for me this loss of 0.4lb is good news. I had expected a small gain or a standstill at best after last week’s loss of a pound. Another great thing is that I’m still on a negative trend with today’s weight of 176.4lb ( the lightest I’ve been) 1.6lb lower than last Sunday’s so it all looks good for another loss next week.
As my next short term goal it would be great if I could reach the 175lb mark (12 and a half stone) in the next couple of weeks. As well as reaching this milestone such a weight would also earn me my FitBit 100lb lost badge. I know I can do it and I will.
Diet-wise I’m still been fuelled by large main meals of allotment vegetables (at least 750g) with beetroot and tomatoes featuring in them all. Protein levels are increase by addition of cheese (50g) or whatever yellow label animal protein I can pick up at Sainsbury’s or Morrison’s. Wednesday and Thursday’s meals always include a medium sized Haddock fresh from the Arbroath fish-man. Sweet that follows always includes at least 250g berries topped with oat bran and full fat Greek yogurt. Breakfast as always features 2 free range pullets’s eggs, 2 tomatoes, bacon and an unsweetened latte that keeps me full till my evening meal with only a snack of lentil or pea curls needed at lunch time. Still avoiding white and grey carbohydrates but do allow myself the odd treat of dried dates & apricots, a couple of fresh figs (the’re only 69p for 4 at the moment In Aldi’s) and the odd protein bar in the evening.
In terms of exercise there’s been no let and I attend the Peak gym and classes at least 6 days of the week. Really enjoying the Yoga and Cardio Dance classes with the later engendering so much fun and hilarity.The instructors at my classes are now having wagers on who can make me and fellow classmate John White burn the most calories during their classes. So far it’s Shams’ 45 minute Cardio Dance Class with a burn of 561 calories and 4300 steps.

Hope you’ve all had a good week and the scales are good to you at your weigh ins.

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