David J. Rose

By djrose007


Isabella, Harriet and Ruby were with us for dinner today. All of them are fascinated with Jonty and watch him all the time when he's around. He's not so keen on babies though and tends to get out of the way. 
In the photograph Harriet is slowly making her way towards him and he's keeping an eye on her in case she gets too close!
Jonty is a wonderful dog but you just never know dogs will react at any moment so Jonty was asked to jump up onto the chair with me, which he did.
Foxy, on the other hand, was a dog I'd trust with any child. He put up with fur and tail pulling and would just turn around to the puller for more attention. Funny little dog, see this blip from last year.

It's probably a good job it wasn't Isabella crawling towards Jonty, she's much faster. I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and Julia was with me.
She said 'Look at Bella', and I turned around to find Bella crawling through the door from the dining room into the kitchen. She is such a good crawler!
They will be 8 months on the 26th September.

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