Milk Street

Bit of a frustrating day at work again - still waiting for CRM testing to be released to us.  We're so behind now, I can't see how we're ever going to meet the go-live date.  Had quite a useful data migration meeting, but that also brought home to me how much work is still to be done.  Anyway, had a good phone chat with Char this morning (she's still sick, so was at home again), a good goss with Mags over at the Barbican at lunch, and then a good natter with Mawreen when I got back to the office.  Also spent an hour this afternoon taking photos for work, which was a nice distraction.

Hurried home this evening, we had dinner and got packed up, then drove to CenterParcs in Bedfordshire for our annual catch-up with my old Uni housemates.  So lovely to see everyone again.  Had a drink and sat up chatting until about midnight, then got off to bed.

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