By amandoAlentejo

Preaching on Esther

Got up early to go to the 8:30 service because Elliott had agreed to go, first time to our church (he's been to Mass with us in Mourão, though). Because one of his best customers was preaching. Deb did an excellent job, wonderful use of Prezi. Her background illustration was a photo of Julia and Allegra's legs on the road from our house to the Lake in Mourão.

- wonderful, life-giving rain hammering our skylight window in the night
- Deb and Sam and the kids for Sunday roast dinner at ours - the last meal I'm cooking here, putting dishes and pans away next
- a softly beautiful walk in Sutton Park, to Keeper's Pool. Squirrels scurrying around, swans gliding, coots calling, and the leaves beginning to turn

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